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The Mechadrake-Nocturnal Soldier Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Mechadrake-Nocturnal Soldier Community

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All right. [21 Sep 2010|09:12am]

I tried this once, got lucky, and then forgot to give my e-mail address out like I should've. I'm going to see if lightning strikes twice. If this works, I'm going to buy a lottery ticket.

Valkyrie, Veritech, if either of you guys see this, toss me an e-mail at aiyanaface AT gmail DOT com.

Hey everyone [16 Mar 2009|01:21am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Well, I guess I couldn't be anymore formal than this. It being almost 7 years I think since posting to the NS/MD community.

I'm 21 now a big step from when everyone knew me as a very immature teenager. I hope perhaps I can get back into these forums and breath some life into what seems to have been my hang out those many years ago.

I wanted to say hello to those I knew before as well as a greeting to those I have yet to meet. Formally I was Angelman DX it was a tacky name to go with my lack of creativity. I wasnt much of a role player but I tried to be friendly none the less.

I hope I am remembered and I would like to keep going with the community even after these years and my forcing to leave after real life threw me a curve ball in the form of my father divorcing my step mom. I am back though more or less.

I didnt leave because I wanted to. I was forced when my priorities became topsy-turvy. I was sent away to live with my mom and I didnt really have a PC at the time. It took me a couple of years to round up money for a pc. So here I am now.

I'm a writer. I'm not very good at it. It all reads quite flakey like my RP bios. Heres a little excerpt of my first chapter for a story.
"A little town sit in the most peculiar place, it was on what appeared to be was a large circular chunk of land separated from shore only connected by a bridge. Under the bridge was a large gorge that separated the lands. At the bottom were large hooks and anchors keeping the island attached. The town situated on the rock had a large wall facing towards the abyss as if to keep the town from sliding off. The reason they called it the abyss was because the land was stuck in a never ending night. The town to simulate light shot large beam from lanterns into the sky when it was designated night they would turn the lanterns off. The town was inhabited by many night creatures such as vampires and werewolves. These creatures lived in a false harmony they pretended as if nothing ever happened when the truth was the town was a giant skirmishing ground for the clans trying to claim it as there own. "

Well I better wrap this up. Its 1:45 AM in michigan and I should be sleeping. lol

Happy posting everyone and see you around,



[21 Oct 2008|07:30am]

Man I miss the old message board <_> anyone from there remember me? I went under the name of LynnGrant? And was always with AmyMaxwell and TimeBat   =P
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Cross-Posted to Various Gamer Communities [19 Aug 2008|02:47pm]

Sure, OCRemix is fun and all, but when was the last time you found something really good there?

Let me pimp out: Powerglove

They do metal remixes of video game songs. And it's awesome. They may not be as operatic and original as The Protomen, or have the license-powered grandiosity of The Black Mages, but they're awesome. My personal favorites of theirs: Storm Eagle, Tetris, Blasting the Hornet, Omnishred (We're Gonna Need a Bigger Sword), Holy Orders (Be Just or Just Shred), Birth of a God, Red Wings Over Baron, and Dr. Wily's Theme.


[23 Nov 2007|10:28pm]

Yo. Has anybody got any idea how to get in touch with Veritech or Valkyrie from the old board?
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To Red and Nytetrayne [12 Jun 2007|02:31am]

Hello to the Oxfords, and everyone here on MechaNocturn! This will be my first post here, and I'm quite happy because I have something to share with all of you :)

It's a bit late, I know... but man, this took three days to put together :P

Hope you all like!

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New Jazwares Megaman Line [21 Sep 2006|11:29am]

Ok, so as my first post in this community, I'd like to share a bit of news I've picked up in terms of Jazwares' Megaman line. It would seem that they have enlisted the help of Sota Toys sculptor Rene to produce a higher end "Collectors Edition" line of figures. Rene is taking suggestions on the  action-figure.com videogame forums for future characters. Right now the only character being worked on is Zero circa  Mega Man Zero.
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TTYW 30 [26 Jun 2006|10:58pm]

HI COMMUNITY.  I just finished TTYW 30 and I really gotta wonder if this story is ever going to see an end. XD  The chapters always turn out much longer than I plan, but it's nice to have an ongoing project to turn to when I want to de-stress.

This chapter also marks something of a personal experiment.  In my LJ, I talked about corresponding with an author who thought my writing would work better the more I simplified.  I've done some of that here, though I can probably stand to cut out a lot more fat.  Crash diets are counterproductive though, so here I go!

Hope you enjoy the chapter.
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Maverick Hunter X: Final Sigma Pics [23 Jun 2006|01:19pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

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Megaman: Powered Down, maybe. [14 May 2006|06:18pm]

Holy poop, I'm back from E3.  Over at Planet Megaman, Phoenix voices his dismay for what a subdued showing Megaman had at the show.

I'm going to play Devil's Advocte (::pinball machine sounds::) and say that pretty much all of Capcom's showings were subdued.  True, it would have been nice to see more attention paid to Megaman ZX (which looks and plays great, btw), but Capcom's offerings just seemed to ... exist, in general.  Even Phoenix Wright 2 had little more than a video showing, no fanfare behind it despite the ravenous cult that has developed behind the lawyer titles.

What I'm getting around to is, I think it's good that Capcom didn't announce a zillion Megaman titles.  We're getting Megaman ZX and Megaman Battle Network 6.  Seriously, what more could we want for the rest of the year?  We're getting another spin-off, for Christ's sake.  A good spinoff, but a spinoff nonetheless.  I think it's good for the franchise to lay low for a bit.  I don't know how many of you remember the post X4 days, but we waited how long for X5?  And it was big news when it hit, not the usual page 56 "here we go again with Megaman" game magazine fare.

I will say that I'm disappointed at how badly the Rockman X remake and Rockman Rockman did in Japan.  They both sold very well in America, and Capcom is hinging further remakes on Europe's showing.  This is particularily frustrating news when you consider that Inafune didn't want the Megaman X collection to have too many of the snazzy features fans proposed (like, oh, a translation that would help gamers make sense of X6's aborted plot) because he'd been planning to remake Megaman X1 - X6 for the PSP.  And I think the world has suffered enough with sin and war that we deserve some goodness, ie Megaman Powered Up 2.

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Lady Wolff Luna here. [12 May 2006|12:03am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Greetings. I shall now introduce myself to those who don't know me through the power of yaoi fluff.

This pretty much sums up my personality nicely.

I love you all. :D


Heeeere he is... [08 May 2006|02:55pm]

All right, to make your day...

I was checking out the buttons on Mechadrake's main page, to see if any were out of date.  I clicked on the third button down which is supposed to go to Megaman: Alternate Universe, run by an old friend of mine, Gren (aka Sabbre).

MM:AU has been hosted by Planet Megaman for a while.  Well, Gren and Phoenix have always had a strained relationship, and more recently, they tend to flare up and get into frequent fights.  During the latest episode, Phoenix did some ... remodeling to Gren's page:


Make sure your sound is on. Drama can be fun!

Note:  I think the two patched up their latest row the best they can, but the forward remains...
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Delousing's on the right. [07 May 2006|10:24pm]

All right Chicks and Chums, I think we're ready to hit the big time with this Community thing.  For those of you who joined beforehand, welcome!  For those of you just coming in today, stay away from the salsa but have all the guacamole you want.  I hate that shiz.

The original Mechadrake board has not been killed in cold blood.  It's not on the main page of Mechadrake anymore, but it's accessable through the Community's "info" link.  So are the rules!  Nyuk nyuk.  Make sure you reads 'em.

Of course, this is a Megaman community and is totally open to all the fanficcy, fanarty stuff.  But as with the board itself, you're welcome to shoot your mouth off regarding just about anything.  Just ... try to keep it sane.

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Waste of space. [06 Apr 2006|02:38am]

El Community won't be going public 'til I update the page (whenever that is), but for those of you who joined already, I'd like to say HIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! and welcome to the show.

Thanks to Ice for setting this community up. I have some great ideas for the future! We'll start by ::Zzzzzzzz....::

[21 Mar 2006|08:53pm]

Whoo, this is my voice on Teeveee....

Looks great!  I love the emulated colour scheme.  One request though ... can you possibly do the 'Dark Night' theme?  That one was my fave.

If not, this is cool too :D
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Test Post [20 Mar 2006|07:46pm]

[ mood | Test ]

Test Post


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